New Zealand … My Journey


Welcome to my world ^^ I will try to bring you to my journey in the most amazing, spectacular, fantastic and beautiful country in the southern hemisphere .. New Zealand or Aotearoa “The Land of The Long White Cloud” in Maori language. Although, New Zealand is one of the most isolated countries in the world, it is without doubt a place you must visit before you die. New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean, 1,600 km to the east of Australia. The distance from Stirling Point – Bluff, the most southern mainland point in New Zealand to South Pole is only 4,810 km. Two main islands in New Zealand, The North Island and South Island is separated by Cook Strait. Two-third of New Zealand’s population or 4.5 Million live in North Island and of these 1.4 million live in Auckland, the New Zealand’s largest city. Wellington, the New Zealand’s capital is located at the southernmost tip of The North Island. The South Island, which is famous for its exquisite natural beauty of the Southern Alps mountain chain, separates South Island to two parts, the West Coast and the East Coast. The West Coast has high rainfall and magnificent temperate rainforests, mountains and glaciers while the East Coast is relatively dry and non-forested. The largest city in the South Island is Christchurch. Dunedin in the southern part of South Island is an important student city with uniquely Scottish traditions which have been preserved since 1848 (some information I extract from DK Eyewitness Travel New Zealand).

I am not a professional photograph – most of my pictures were taken with my Fujifilm Digital Camera FinePix JX600 and Sony Xperia M with Sony Camera C2005. I reduced the pictures quality so it is a lot easier for me to upload them in a slow internet connection (if you want to see the original pictures, just contact me with my twitter, I will try to upload the original pictures). I want to thank my friends: Sue, Avi and Spencer for sharing their pictures and/or helping me take pictures.

I make this site to express how I love New Zealand, my second homeland and how I love the place I used to live – Palmerston North. I also want to help promoting New Zealand tourism industry and encourage people around the world to visit “The Heaven on Earth – New Zealand”. Visit also my collection of pictures on my Flickr and if you have any comments just send yours via “About Me” page or mention my twitter @fiordlandlover


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