Graeme James Concert in Feilding

Thanks to my friend, Lynsey who introduced me to her friend – a very talented singer, songwriter and musician, Graeme James. I’d watched his concert twice: New Zealand Winter Tour 2015 and Summer Island Tour 2016, both in Feilding (which is only less than 1 hour drive from Palmy). I sincerely hope I can see his awesome performance again in the near future.

To sum up how talented is Graeme:

  • He plays many musical instruments: violin, bass, ukulele, guitar and percussion.
  • He uses soft drink bottles and cans, bird cages, clocks, glasses, and many more as musical instruments.
  • He sings many musical genres: Folk, Pop, Country, Celtic, Gypsy Jazz, Blues, EDM movement and many more.
  • He sometimes does beatboxes

(credit to eventfinda, Graeme FB, Graeme YT) – visit my pictures collection on my Flickr





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