Franklin Road Christmas Lights 2015 ~ Auckland

“Franklin Road Christmas Lights” was a 22-year-old tradition (because we went there on December 21st, 2015) hosted by hundreds of beautiful houses on Franklin Road, Ponsonby, Auckland which were decorated so magically with Christmas lights. The lights are on every night from 6.30 to 11 pm, start on December 1st till Christmas Eve (credit to and

If you drive, it is best if you park your car and then walk up and back down the road. The Christmas light is so popular right now, so you will meet a lot of people there enjoying this spectacular event. Besides the spectacular lights, you can also enjoy candyfloss and BBQs while entertained by beautiful voices of the choirs and singers who sing Christmas carols.

Thanks to my friend, Lynsey who brought us to this Christmas wonderland. I and my friend, Sue took lot of pictures of Christmas lights. When I wanted to pick up some, I found it is so hard to pick just a few because most of them were fantastic^^. Finally, I decided the TOP 3 BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 2015 (my choice might different from yours, as I told before, it is kind of very hard dilemma to pick up just 3 ><). Also don’t forget to visit my Flick here









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