New Year’s Eve 2016 ~ Dunedin


Dunedin is one of the cities in New Zealand which welcome the New Year with fireworks display. New Year’s Eve in Dunedin is mostly concentrated in The Octagon which is the heart of the city.  The live entertainment was started from 8pm by Idol Frets and The Easy Hearts. At midnight, the shows was started with a single canon by The Robbie Burns Cannon and Auld Lang Syne by a Scottish Band (while everyone sang Auld Lang Syne); followed by an 8-minute fireworks show (credit to

This year I celebrated New Year’s Eve alone (><) but I was happy because I love Dunedin so much^^. The New Year celebration was fantastic. The food stalls, which were temporarily built in the Octagon, sold some yummy food and hot/cold drinks^^. The concerts also entertained us till the New Year. As for me because I really love Scottish Band, I did enjoy the midnight show when the band played Auld Lang Syne (^^ fantastic and I highly recommend Dunedin if you want to spend New Year Eve in NZ). So here are the moments of New Year’s Eve in one of the southernmost cities in NZ (yip I’d celebrated it in Auckland before, which is one of the northernmost cities in NZ). Please visit my Flickr here








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